The Daily Yoga Fix Home Practice

Monica Stone
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You'll get a 50 minute Ashtanga Yoga video practice: where I teach you detailed descriptions of how to do each posture. I teach you how to start your practice, take each posture deeper, and how to modify when needed.

A Grounding Meditation mp3: To bring your mind and body back to balance. I designed this specifically for your rest days and moon days, but it's also great first thing in the morning, or any time you're mind starts running off, or you're feeling out of whack.

Make Your Day Glow: A guide you can print out (and check off) to help you keep your energy levels up, stay motivated, and stay on track with your daily goals.

Monthly Scheduler: If it's not scheduled, it's not real! A calendar process with instructions on how to schedule in your practice for success.

E-Guide: You'll find a 5 minute, 10 minute, and 20 minute practice for those days when you wake up late, when you're in a rut, or when you just don't want to do it. You'll also find instructions on the foundations like breathing correctly and how to use the bandhas (energy locks in the body). I also include motivation tips on how to get the most from your practice, and a yoga resource guide to take your practice deeper.

Facebook Group: This is my free Facebook group where you will have access to me and a rockstar yoga family for any questions, concerns, and discussion! 

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The Daily Yoga Fix Home Practice

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